Peering Policy

We generally maintain an open peering policy, and will peer with any network with whonm we share an exchange or datacenter. That said, we do have a few basic requirements to interconnect:

  1. Support for RPKI and announcements free of hijacks and bogons, and default routes
  2. Support for IPv6
  3. A current and up-to-date PeeringDB page

Additionally, we reserve the right to disconnect sessions with peers that are non-responisive to abuse issues.

Network Information

General Information

ASN: 25944
IPv4 Prefix Limit: 10
IPv6 Prefix Limit: 5

Contact Information

Peering Email:
NOC Email:
PeeringDB URL:
NOC Phone: 1 (845) 248 8078

Internet Exchanges

Internet Exchange IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Link Speed
MICE 2001:504:27::6558:0:1 10G